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Creator: grentiie20

Description: When I was 13 I made a pack of 10 levels that were quite backrouteable and promised to upload solutions (oops). After binge-watching namida playing Revenge of the Lemmings I saw my level 'Lemming Sold Separately' in the thumbnail and I was inspired to remaster my 16 favourite levels and compile them together (I was originally going to make a full 120-level pack). This is still intended for Lemmini as I preferred it over SuperLemmini and I haven't kept up with the newer versions. I'll seriously try and upload my solutions (I just bought fraps; my youtube is 'Calamity' btw).



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Who let the Lemmings out !
Lem waz' here
Christmas Chill
Abandoned Palace
Seperate the Crowd
Lemming Designer
Caught in the Symmetry
Tiptoe through the Factory
All that extra work
Cosmic Junk
Lemming Sold Seperately
It's Raining Lem
All at once
A Double Rotation