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Blizzard of Lemm

Creator: Jkapp76

Description: A Snow-themed level pack (for Super Lemmini) using several modified community levels to offer a progressively challenging experience.



Enjoyability: ★★★★★ (1 vote)
Difficulty: ◆◆◆◇◇ (1 vote)

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Snow Problem!
Frosty Lemmings
5 Lemmings Under Freezing
As Cold as Ice?
Two Minutes to Make It
Warning: One Minute
Bridge In A Fridge
Compliments to the Chef
Know That?
Snow Mining
A Fearful Symmetry
The Bombers Challenge
Treasonal Winter
More Easy Now!
The Gap Trap
Danger: Venus Lemming Traps
Out of the Icy Cave
The Lemming Avalanche
Ice Ice Lemming
Someone must Help Us!
A Little Adventure
Lemmings to the Aid
Home Below...
Lemming in a Cone
Just Old Fashioned Building
Suicidal Tendencies
Doom Snow Border
Bridge Jam!
Hit the Slopes!
Don't Break your Face!
Icy Tombs
It's Hero time in the Snow!
Buried under the Blizzard
Catch Your Death
It's a Snowinable World
Frozen City
Survival of the Fittest?
Ice till haven't Got it Yet
That Freezing Feeling
Boss on Parade
Another one Bites the Dust
Bridge over Iced Water
Good Neighbors
Another Ice Spy
Hitting the Ice
Centre of Attention
Battle Against the Clitches
Good Morning Lemmings!
* HELP *
La Prision Helada
Back in a Minute...
The Snow Palace
Defusing a Time-Bomb